Why Hire Arthur Cramer Company?

For over 50 years, coupling our clients’ outsourced engineered component needs with our manufacturing partners (principals) continues to be the core of our business. With this dynamic, our clients receive the best overall value while our principals receive profitable growth over time.

Challenging the conventional “direct” sales model was at the heart of Art Cramer’s efforts when he began the firm in 1965. Today, we continue to grow that same passion, using our wealth of territory knowledge as we continue to work diligently, leveraging this information to the benefit of our principals.

Our client portfolio spans over seven vertical market OEM segments and our principals are matched in technology, industry certification and capacity to serve these markets properly. Moreover, our principals offer our clients a wide variety of related, non-competing products and services providing candid, unbiased feedback regarding the components they manufacture in a timely manner.

Our proprietary sales system organizes our clients’ project information and helps center and shape our sales strategy around their needs. This allows us to keep our principals updated regularly and helps insure that programs are released on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of both our clients and principals. Our system also benefits our principals by allowing us to provide them with the proper market intelligence, links and client contacts. This allows us to include them in our previously established relationships sparing them the time and expense of trying to create these relationships themselves.

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