Our Approach

Arthur Cramer Company works directly with our OEM and distributor clients’ sourcing & design departments to provide direct access to our manufacturing partners (principals) for their outsourced metal, plastic, fastener, electronic and hardware components.

We specialize in helping our customers find the best manufacturing processes for each component and assist our clients by having our principals provide design suggestions, samples, quotations, prototypes and production proposals for these items.

Once an opportunity has been presented by a client, an Arthur Cramer Company team member will start a project and coordinate all communications with the client and help them select the proper manufacturing partner so as to insure a successful transition from design/prototype through production.


We challenge the conventional direct sales model in the OEM component marketplace by providing our principals direct access to our clients’ component part needs using our proprietary sales system to help lower our customers’ part costs while at the same time, maximizing our principals’ sales goals.

Core Values

We value the relentless pursuit of improved quality.

Our sales model relies on the wealth of knowledge we’ve amassed over 50 years of representing the finest OEMs in the industry. We balance our historical understanding of industry patterns with an attuned, informed focus on cutting-edge industry developments to make the most impact on your business, continuously improving the way we satisfy your company’s needs.

We value honesty in communication.

We value honesty and teamwork with our clients and principals, fostering trusted personal and professional relationships. We function as a collaborative workspace, committing to open communication and candor.

We value diversity and inclusion.

We value the input, experience, perspectives and achievements from people of all backgrounds. We feel this diverse edge in the OEM sector gives us a unique perspective and ability to tackle any projects our clients are pursuing.